Shifting the focus on provider safety

Recent news headlines suggest that vehicular safety poses the greatest risk to the lives of EMS providers. While that may be true if the focus is solely on line-of-duty deaths, the majority of EMS deaths occur because of skewed priorities that are too rigorously focused on a single issue. As with any other improvement effort, there is no silver bullet to preventing the death or … Continue reading Shifting the focus on provider safety

EMS Protocols

Kelly Grayson of Ambulance Driver Files recently penned an article on EMS1 regarding the “protocol paradox” which he defines as: “The more restrictive your agency’s protocols are, the more likely it is necessary to deviate from them, and the more likely that agency is to punish harshly for such deviations.” Mr. Grayson makes some extremely valid points about the utility of protocols within EMS.  While he supports the use … Continue reading EMS Protocols