The paradox of potentially predatory publications

An article on a statewide MIH program in Florida is making the rounds within EMS trade journals.  EMS World and JEMS have both already covered it.  I was asked by EMS1‘s Editor-in-Chief to cover it, but given a variety of misgivings that I had about the integrity of the article it was decided to let sleeping dogs lie. But that’s why I started my own website. Article … Continue reading The paradox of potentially predatory publications

EMS World Expo 2016

EMS World Expo is put on by EMS World every October and is “North America’s largest EMS conference and trade show, hosted in partnership with NAEMT, which brought over 5,100 EMS professionals together in New Orleans.” While I spent the majority of my time volunteering with The New Orleans EMS Foundation, I was asked to cover three sessions for EMS World: Implementing Evidence-Based Learning in Prehospital … Continue reading EMS World Expo 2016

Two weeks of nothing

What started as a severe cold morphed into an allergic reaction requiring heavy antihistamines, the kind that interfered with my ability to stay awake, let alone use the full capacity of my brain.  This has resulted in two weeks of nothing. Who knew two weeks of nothing could remind you what matters. As a doctoral student I’m in the unique position of having multiple sources of … Continue reading Two weeks of nothing