NOEMS Technical Rope Rescue Kits

This press release has also been posted to EMS World and EMS1. The New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Foundation (The Foundation) donated two technical rope rescue kits to New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (NOEMS) after receiving a grant from Monsanto Fund. The $5,000 grant has allowed NOEMS to replace their outdated technical rope rescue gear with state-of-the-art Roco Rescue gear, specifically two main line kits and … Continue reading NOEMS Technical Rope Rescue Kits

Living with Obamacare – Post 2016

Five days after Donald Trump became President-Elect a policy journalist tweeted this: I saw it and realized that, as someone with a decent understanding of healthcare policy, I was likely one of very few individuals to be living with the direct consequences of “Repeal and Replace” who could also understand the system level politics at play. This post serves as a recounting of sorts.  Regardless of … Continue reading Living with Obamacare – Post 2016

McSwain EMS Trauma Conference

The McSwain EMS Trauma Conference is a one-day symposium covering the treatment prehospital providers render to a range of traumatic injuries. It is held every year in New Orleans and named for Dr. Norman McSwain, the pioneering trauma surgeon and lifelong advocate for EMS. While the sessions covered a variety of topics across prehospital trauma, at this year’s event I took special interest in two … Continue reading McSwain EMS Trauma Conference