Dear New Orleans Letter

Dear New Orleans, This is going to seem strange, but today I am grateful for the hurricanes that taught me what recovery means, what rebirth can create, and what resilience truly embodies. No city has overcome the obstacles that you have conquered, and none can say that they have more grit or determination than those that call you home. You became my home in a … Continue reading Dear New Orleans Letter

EMS Pay Debate

A recent debate on EMS pay has erupted after Mr. Sean Eddy of Medic Madness wrote “5 Reasons Why EMS Doesn’t Deserve Higher Pay” on Uniform Stories.  To say the EMS industry has reacted as he expected would be par for the course. First, I agree with most of his five points, however I fundamentally disagree with his method of dispersing said opinions and the slants with which … Continue reading EMS Pay Debate

Sources of Information

I firmly believe that EMS must reach beyond our own boundaries when securing information regrading healthcare and its changing landscape.  These are some of my sources. Other Blogs: The Incidental Economist Skeptical Scalpel Journals: Prehospital Emergency Care  BMJ Emergency Medicine Journal – some open access Health Affairs – open access Health Services Research Journal Milbank Quarterly JAMA NEJM – some open access BMJ Quality & Safety – some open … Continue reading Sources of Information

Recommended Reading

I read a lot. Here are some articles and books that I would recommend. Don Berwick Escape Fire Paper Escape Fire Speech My Right Knee Charles Bosk Forgive and Remember Avedis Donabedian Evaluating the Quality of Medical Care The Quality of Care Anne Fadiman The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Sheri Fink Five Days at Memorial Atul Gawande Being Mortal Better Checklist Manifesto … Continue reading Recommended Reading