McSwain EMS Trauma Conference

The McSwain EMS Trauma Conference is a one-day symposium covering the treatment prehospital providers render to a range of traumatic injuries. It is held every year in New Orleans and named for Dr. Norman McSwain, the pioneering trauma surgeon and lifelong advocate for EMS. While the sessions covered a variety of topics across prehospital trauma, at this year’s event I took special interest in two … Continue reading McSwain EMS Trauma Conference

NOEMS Active Shooter Kits

This press release was featured on EMS World, JEMS, and EMS1.  It was also later picked up by Fox 8 News in New Orleans for a video feature. ~~~~~~ NEW ORLEANS, LA: The New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Foundation (The Foundation) donated six active shooter kits to New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (NOEMS) after receiving a grant from Hermes Beyond the Parade (Hermes BTP).  The … Continue reading NOEMS Active Shooter Kits

Concealed Carry in Kansas: Experts Respond

A Kansas law, which became effective on July 1, 2016, makes it legal for firefighters and EMS personnel to have a concealed carry weapon while on duty. The only exception is for school zones or private buildings specifically marked or designated as ‘gun free.’ Public employers, such as city and county governments, cannot prohibit their employees from carrying on duty. We asked EMS1 columnists to react … Continue reading Concealed Carry in Kansas: Experts Respond