Paramedic Groups Develop CP Curriculum, Career Path

The Paramedic Foundation and Paramedic Health Solutions have teamed up to create a national curriculum with uniform educational standards for community paramedicine. This curriculum works to address the gaps in traditional prehospital provider training surrounding public health, long-term disease management, cultural competency and research. The curriculum covers the higher-education spectrum from a certificate to a doctoral program. It has six levels, including primary care technician … Continue reading Paramedic Groups Develop CP Curriculum, Career Path

EMS World Expo 2016

EMS World Expo is put on by EMS World every October and is “North America’s largest EMS conference and trade show, hosted in partnership with NAEMT, which brought over 5,100 EMS professionals together in New Orleans.” While I spent the majority of my time volunteering with The New Orleans EMS Foundation, I was asked to cover three sessions for EMS World: Implementing Evidence-Based Learning in Prehospital … Continue reading EMS World Expo 2016

The Gathering of Eagles: 2016

Next year the Gathering of Eagles will celebrate its 19th rendition. And you should be there. The Gathering of Eagles isn’t like the academic conferences many of the Eagles’ faculty present at. Nor is it like smaller state-level conferences many in the audience attend. And it definitely isn’t like the larger EMS conferences such as EMS World Expo. It’s a different breed entirely. The Gathering started … Continue reading The Gathering of Eagles: 2016