Professional Purse Purchasing

I asked #GirlMedTwitter for recommendations on a new work bag, and they did not disappoint. Since I can’t be the only one that wants this information, it seemed reasonable to put it all in one place.  #GirlMedTwitter is typically more oriented towards physicians/clinicians and physicians/clinicians in training, so their needs are a bit different than mine, but I definitely got some great ideas for my … Continue reading Professional Purse Purchasing

Give thanks to EMTs for their dedication to a dangerous profession

This article was written by myself, Jeremiah Escajeda, and Hawnwan (Phil) Moy The tragic death in March of FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo — mowed down by a crazed manwho jumped into her ambulance — highlighted the dangers that first responders face daily. This is National EMS Week, a time when we recognize the important work that Emergency Medical Service members like Yadira do in our communities. … Continue reading Give thanks to EMTs for their dedication to a dangerous profession

Not that kind of Doctor

On April 7, 2017 I defended my dissertation “An Evaluation of the Environmental and Organizational Factors Associated with the Formation of Community Paramedicine Programs.” Below I have included two videos. The first describes the process of defending and some of the basic ideas in my dissertation.  The second is my actual defense.  I do this because my actual defense skims over some of the content … Continue reading Not that kind of Doctor

Gathering of Eagles 2017

As expected, I had a lovely time at this year’s conference.  Last year’s summary is here. Given the structure of Eagles my traditional summary format isn’t an effective method to convey what was presented.  But there are a few ways you can follow along… Read through the 2017 presentation slides. (to be posted) Read through the #GatheringEagles17 transcript on Twitter, on Symplur, or via the … Continue reading Gathering of Eagles 2017

The Eighth Man of Mardi Gras

In honor of the Epiphany (aka the start of Carnival season for the non New Orleanians out there), has released a hilarious set of illustrations on the various people you will see along the Mardi Gras parade route.  My personal favorite is “The Jolly Cop.” At the end of the series, the editors ask readers who they think is missing, the eighth man of … Continue reading The Eighth Man of Mardi Gras

2016 Favorite Things

This year may not be ending like many I know had hoped, but it was a good year for me. Inspired by Greg Friese I decided to take a crack at my own list of my favorite things. Favorite (Non-EMS) Book – Dr. Paul Kalanithi wrote When Breath Becomes Air after he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The epilogue will make you cry.  I have an entire list of … Continue reading 2016 Favorite Things

NOLA Recommendations

I like good food, I hate tourist traps, and I want people in town for conferences to experience the truly delicious foods my adopted hometown has to offer.  Most of these are located within the CBD and Warehouse District (outside of the French Quarter) since if you want to eat in the Quarter you can just look in a tourist guide.  Since this is NOLA, most … Continue reading NOLA Recommendations

IHI National Forum 2016

I consider the IHI National Forum one of the best conferences in the country, and as usual this year’s forum exceeded my expectations. I live tweeted every session I attended and this post serves as a summary of those resources presented during the presentations.  You can see the entire Twitter summary curated by Symplur here, and my summary of the 2015 forum here. EMS Note: There was one … Continue reading IHI National Forum 2016

Living with Obamacare – Post 2016

Five days after Donald Trump became President-Elect a policy journalist tweeted this: I saw it and realized that, as someone with a decent understanding of healthcare policy, I was likely one of very few individuals to be living with the direct consequences of “Repeal and Replace” who could also understand the system level politics at play. This post serves as a recounting of sorts.  Regardless of … Continue reading Living with Obamacare – Post 2016