10 peer-reviewed articles on MIH-CP

Kevin McGinnis is often credited with coining the term “community paramedics” in a 2001 Rural Health News article. Since then, the debate around the terminology of community paramedicine versus mobile integrated healthcare remained relatively heated until a number of national organizations, including NAEMT and NAEMSP, released a joint vision statement defining the larger concept. Regardless of the origins of the terminology, the growth in MIH-CP … Continue reading 10 peer-reviewed articles on MIH-CP

Paramedic Chief – Spring 2017

The future of EMS is in applying widely used consumer technology like touch screens, high-definition video, collision avoidance, live video capture and streaming and cloud-based, secure data storage to improve patient assessment, care and documentation. This issue of Paramedic Chief features articles on the challenges of and lessons learned from several important innovations. Inside the issue, you can read about: Designing and delivering virtual instructor-led training … Continue reading Paramedic Chief – Spring 2017

What a nurse learned from researching a community paramedicine program

Cathy Hostettler, DNP isn’t in EMS, but her indirect exposure to the industry over the years meant that teaming up with MedStar’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare program was an easy choice. The decision to do her Doctor of Nursing Practice dissertation research on MedStar’s Heart Failure Readmission Avoidance Program reflects the growing trend of collaboration across disciplines within the prehospital setting. Hostettler ‘s retrospective research aimed to evaluate … Continue reading What a nurse learned from researching a community paramedicine program

Not that kind of Doctor

On April 7, 2017 I defended my dissertation “An Evaluation of the Environmental and Organizational Factors Associated with the Formation of Community Paramedicine Programs.” Below I have included two videos. The first describes the process of defending and some of the basic ideas in my dissertation.  The second is my actual defense.  I do this because my actual defense skims over some of the content … Continue reading Not that kind of Doctor

Paramedic Groups Develop CP Curriculum, Career Path

The Paramedic Foundation and Paramedic Health Solutions have teamed up to create a national curriculum with uniform educational standards for community paramedicine. This curriculum works to address the gaps in traditional prehospital provider training surrounding public health, long-term disease management, cultural competency and research. The curriculum covers the higher-education spectrum from a certificate to a doctoral program. It has six levels, including primary care technician … Continue reading Paramedic Groups Develop CP Curriculum, Career Path

Community paramedicine program proves potential value

Northwell Health (N.Y.) has published preliminary results of the impact their community paramedicine program had within an advanced illness management program. “Providing Acute Care at Home: Community Paramedics Enhance an Advanced Illness Management Program — Preliminary Data” was published in the Journal of American Geriatric Society on August 30, 2016. Of the 1,602 patients enrolled in advanced illness management, see the workflow diagram, over the … Continue reading Community paramedicine program proves potential value

Dallas Fire-Rescue Community Paramedicine Program

My immediate reaction to seeing that revenues for the DallasFire-Rescue’s community paramedicine program were “below expectations” was anything but surprise. In fact, anyone surprised by this news doesn’t have realistic expectations of novel EMS business models. The reality is that community paramedicine programs across the country are learning how to be self-sufficient. Fire and EMS administrators are being forced to look at their balance sheets and bank … Continue reading Dallas Fire-Rescue Community Paramedicine Program