10 peer-reviewed articles on MIH-CP

Kevin McGinnis is often credited with coining the term “community paramedics” in a 2001 Rural Health News article. Since then, the debate around the terminology of community paramedicine versus mobile integrated healthcare remained relatively heated until a number of national organizations, including NAEMT and NAEMSP, released a joint vision statement defining the larger concept.

Regardless of the origins of the terminology, the growth in MIH-CP literature over the past few years has been substantial. For someone new to this part of the EMS industry, it could even be considered overwhelming. As community paramedicine and mobile integrated health programs become more common, research into their scope and practice will continue to grow.

Interested in learning more about MIH-CP from a research-based perspective? Start by reading these 10 peer-reviewed articles:


This was the first major review of the MIH-CP literature. By summarizing the 11 articles that did exist from across the world, this review demonstrated just how little peer-reviewed research there was at the time on MIH-CP.

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