DALLAS — Dr. Stefan Poloczek, the medical director for the Berlin Fire Brigade, spoke at the 20th Annual EMS State of the Science: A Gathering of Eagles meeting. He discussed the terrorist attack at the Berlin Christmas Market in December 2016 and how he used his experiences in the days, weeks and months after to build a 10-point checklist focused on post-disaster resiliency.


Here are some of Poloczek’s more memorable quotes on resiliency:

  • “To be honest, we respond better than we train.”
  • “I completely underestimated the work after a terror attack and I think [being prepared] is a very important part of resiliency.”
  • Because of the nature of their injuries, “people on the scene were awake and dying in the hands of the medics.”
  • “Not sure if scene is 100 percent safe, but which scene is 100 percent safe?”
  • “Have your shopping list ready” for when you’re offered funding.

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