Research Analysis: Addressing attrition of EMS professionals

**The National Association of EMS Physicians hosted its second Twitter Journal Club on April 17, 2018 under the hashtag #NAEMSPJC, discussing the “Prehospital Emergency Care” publication Exiting the Emergency Medical Services Profession and Characteristics Associated with Intent to Return to Practiceby Cash et al.**

This article was co-authored with Jeremiah Escajeda.

In October 2013, all 310,000 providers with a National EMS Certification and an active email account were sent a questionnaire including questions based on the Longitudinal EMT Attitudes and Demographics Study (LEADS). Of the 32,114 that responded, 1,248 (3.9 percent) indicated they currently worked for zero EMS agencies, indicating that they are no longer working in EMS.

These 1,248 individuals not currently practicing were asked additional questions regarding their intent to return to EMS along with why they originally left. Analysis of this subgroup of EMS providers was published in “Prehospital Emergency Care” in June 2017.

Of those EMS professionals not currently practicing, 72 percent intended to return to the industry. Two in five had worked for private EMS agencies prior to leaving, while another 20 percent had worked with fire departments. However, there was no difference in agency type and intent to return found. While respondents who identified as ethnic and racial minorities were significantly more likely to intend to return, there was no difference in intent to return found between genders.

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