EMS World Expo 2016

EMS World Expo is put on by EMS World every October and is “North America’s largest EMS conference and trade show, hosted in partnership with NAEMT, which brought over 5,100 EMS professionals together in New Orleans.”

While I spent the majority of my time volunteering with The New Orleans EMS Foundation, I was asked to cover three sessions for EMS World:

I also had the unique opportunity to participate in my first podcast where I met with Sam Bradley of Disaster Podcast to discuss LATF-1’s use of social media during the August 2016 Baton Rouge flooding as well as the role that a canine plays in urban search and rescue.

  • Podcast will be posted as soon as it is available.

See what else you missed at #EMSExpo2016, and consider submitting a presentation for next year’s Expo.


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