Not that kind of Doctor

On April 7, 2017 I defended my dissertation “An Evaluation of the Environmental and Organizational Factors Associated with the Formation of Community Paramedicine Programs.”

Below I have included two videos. The first describes the process of defending and some of the basic ideas in my dissertation.  The second is my actual defense.  I do this because my actual defense skims over some of the content that non health services researchers may find useful.

PhD Land 101 and an Intro to my Research

0:00 – 4:15 = Explanation of a Dissertation Defense
4:15 – 5:40 = Committee Members
5:40 – 11:55 = Questions, Theoretical Framework, and Hypotheses
11:55 – End = Data and Methods


My Defense

The full video of my defense is below, remember that if you are watching on my website, you are NOT the target audience (see the video above).  The first 33 minutes are my presentation and the rest is the “defense” portion where I have to answer questions.  It’s not polished or beautifully presented, but rather gets to the point in a way that I know my committee would appreciate.

Of note, I wouldn’t be here without the support I’ve received from the EMS community at large.  In particular I know that some of these ideas would not be as fleshed out or fine tuned without the counsel of Greg Friese and Ray Barishansky.


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