Stop the Bleed kits donated to MCCNO

This press release was also published by EMS World, and something similar was posted on the MCCNO website.


Inspired by a recent trip to New Orleans for EMS World Expo, Rescue Essentials has donated 10 small Bleeding Control Kits to the New Orleans EMS Foundation for distribution across the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (MCCNO).  The donation is valued at over $1200.

MCCNO is the sixth largest convention center in the country and has over three million feet of meeting and exhibit space.  Each year it hosts more than 125 conferences and conventions that bring over one-half million visitors to the building.  This large volume of foot traffic combined with the growing number of active shooter incidents across the US makes MCCNO is an ideal location for publically available bleeding control kits.

Much like the growth in the public placement of AEDs has contributed to a significant increase in out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest survival over the past two decades, the White House Stop the Bleed Program aims to replicate that success in relation to active shooter incidents by placing bleeding control kits in high traffic, publically available areas.

Each kit contains two sealed packs with:

  • CAT Tourniquet
  • Compression/pressure dressings
  • Shears
  • Gloves
  • A marker


The bleeding control kits were deployed in early February.  All MCCNO staff will soon be provided vigilance and readiness training during which these kits will be featured.  The MCCNO Department of Public Safety supports the “Whole Community” approach to emergency management.  Their established relationship with New Orleans EMS facilitated the opportunity to integrate a community-based resource that will enhance the collective preparedness of MCCNO staff and increase the community’s resiliency.

Although the hope is that the kits are never needed, their presence at the MCCNO further strengthens the capacity of civilians and first responders to assist should the need arise.

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