After every conference I like to make a list of resources mentioned throughout the various sessions.  Keeping track of this information is one of the biggest reasons I use Twitter so heavily on these occasions.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s National Forum is one of my favorite conferences.  Although it is disproportionately attended by clinicians, I always feel at home surrounded by so many passionate people.  What follows is a list of readings and resources that were mentioned throughout, I’ve tried to keep things categorized based on the session they came from.


Don Berwick

Craig Kielberger

Bob Watcher

Magic Johnson

Maureen Bisognano

Other Book Signings

Mary Jane Kornacki & Jack Silversin

Bob Lloyd

Patty Gabow

Kathy Gerwig


Are You Using the Key Drivers to Manage Population Health? (D30/E30)

Ambulance Drivers Can Do That? (D29/E29)

Leading Innovation in Health Care Delivery (C1)

Workers and Patients: A Single Culture of Safety (A10/B10)

High Reliability and Robust Process Improvement (A16/B16)