IHI National Forum 2016

I consider the IHI National Forum one of the best conferences in the country, and as usual this year’s forum exceeded my expectations. I live tweeted every session I attended and this post serves as a summary of those resources presented during the presentations.  You can see the entire Twitter summary curated by Symplur here, and my summary of the 2015 forum here.

EMS Note: There was one session on community paramedicine on Sunday run by the Northwell Health team, and one poster on the Geisinger program.  Other than that, to my knowledge, EMS was not represented (although ED level projects were prevalent).

I presented three posters at this year’s forum, luckily they were all located next to each other, otherwise I would have spent a bit too much time acting like a ping pong ball!

Keynote One – Scott Kelly

A24/B24 – QI for Social Needs Interventions in Health Care

A4/B4 – Can Improvement Cause Harm? Ethical Issues in QI

C4 – Formal Debate: Patients Are Best Cared for with Virtual, On-Demand Medicine

Keynote Two Part 1 – Abraham Verghese

Keynote Two Part 2 – Derek Feeley

Tulane’s Open School chapter NOHIG was well represented at this year’s forum.

Keynote Three – Orlando Health

Make no mistake, we are all #OrlandoStrong

D19/E19 – Catalyzing Interprofessional Collaboration

E6 – Practical Strategies for Managing Successful Improvement Projects

Keynote Four – Don Berwick

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