2016 Favorite Things

This year may not be ending like many I know had hoped, but it was a good year for me. Inspired by Greg Friese I decided to take a crack at my own list of my favorite things.

Favorite (Non-EMS) Book – Dr. Paul Kalanithi wrote When Breath Becomes Air after he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The epilogue will make you cry.  I have an entire list of books I recommend here.

Favorite EMS Book – Since I only read one this year (I know…I know) it has to be Kevin Hazzard’s A Thousand Naked Strangers.  A friend of mine should have one coming out sometime in 2017, so I’m excited to read that as well.

Favorite (Non-EMS) ConferenceInstitute for Healthcare Improvement – It’s the best run conference I’ve ever been to, plus when you’re there, you’re surrounded by people willing to embrace change within healthcare with a passion and vigor that doesn’t exist everywhere else.  Here’s this year’s summary, as well as last year’s summary.

Favorite EMS ConferenceGathering of Eagles – Edge of the universe EMS research, presented in 5-10 minute segments.  What’s an ADD researcher like me not to like?  Here’s my summary from this year, excited to go back next year to cover it for EMS1.com.

Favorite Conference City – That’s not NOLA right? I would have to say getting to travel to Fairlee, VT this summer for the Dartmouth Summer Camp was amazing given the relaxing atmosphere and picturesque scenery.

Favorite (Non-EMS) researchProPublica doesn’t write standard research articles, but that doesn’t mean the data and databases they are publishing aren’t better than many academics.

Favorite EMS research – EMS providers have a higher risk of assault that Firefighters, something I think many of us already knew, but it was nice for Drexel researchers to crunch the numbers.

Favorite EMS article I wrote – Getting to write a point-counterpoint piece on TB testing with Ray Barishansky was an absolute pleasure.  Plus it meant getting to know one of the sharpest minds in EMS.

Favorite EMS columnThe Code Green Campaign is doing great things for mental health within the first responder family.  I firmly believe their ability to bring the stories of “regular” responders to the pages of social media has allowed for a more open and honest dialogue about the issues EMS providers face.

Favorite EMS artist – I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Sundahl during this year’s EMS World Expo in New Orleans.  The man behind the magic is as commendable as his artwork.

Favorite (Non-EMS) Hashtag#thatsbias – Started by Esther Choo, an EM physician that’s part of the larger feminem movement.

Favorite EMS Hashtag#WomeninEMS – In this male dominated industry I’ve loved getting the chance to meet and mingle with so many wonderful women including:


Super excited for 2017 and the many adventures to come.


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