The Gathering of Eagles: 2016

Next year the Gathering of Eagles will celebrate its 19th rendition. And you should be there.

The Gathering of Eagles isn’t like the academic conferences many of the Eagles’ faculty present at. Nor is it like smaller state-level conferences many in the audience attend. And it definitely isn’t like the larger EMS conferences such as EMS World Expo. It’s a different breed entirely.

The Gathering started as a way for the medical directors of some of the busiest services in the U.S. (and the world) to come together and trade methodologies, techniques, science and stories. It has since exploded into a large—yet strangely intimate—gathering of those same medical directors sharing what they know with other medical directors, clinicians and even the occasional researcher from across the globe.

Given the number of presentations, the variety of topics covered was significant. However some topics stood out.

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