Gathering of Eagles 2017

As expected, I had a lovely time at this year’s conference.  Last year’s summary is here.

Given the structure of Eagles my traditional summary format isn’t an effective method to convey what was presented.  But there are a few ways you can follow along…

Read through the 2017 presentation slides. (to be posted)

Read through the #GatheringEagles17 transcript on Twitter, on Symplur, or via the hyperlinked PDF.

Read my summary articles on EMS1 from some of my favorite presentations:

Watch some of the sessions on Periscope:

For those in attendance you know I was pushing the social media angle (aka Twitter).  I live tweeted under my account, and along with about 200 other people, we were able to make a significant impact on how #GatheringEagles17 did.

For a two day conference with 900 attendees, this is an absolutely fantastic number of impressions and participants.

Until next year (or the next conference),

Upcoming conferences are listed at the bottom of my CV page.

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