I covered this article on the Inside EMS podcast.


New Orleans EMS personnel wear navy blue shirts and pants with white lettering. Acadian Ambulance services a number of neighboring parishes; they wear light green tops and dark green pants. One thousand miles north of New Orleans and up-river, Hennepin EMS (Minn.) paramedics wear light brown shirts and dark brown pants. Bell Ambulance paramedics in Milwaukee wear a light blue shirt and navy pants while Gold Cross (Wis.) paramedics wear a white shirt over black pants.

Because of the variety in EMS uniforms, as well as some being very distinct and others being very similar from law enforcement, it is worth considering the impact of uniform color on patient interactions and EMS provider safety. Here is what we know about uniforms, the role uniform color plays in police-public interactions, and what, if anything, EMS can do with this knowledge.

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