Did a protocol change improve pediatric pain management?

Recent positon statements on best practices of pain management in the prehospital setting from the National Association of EMS Physicians, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Emergency Medical Services for Children have inspired some EMS agencies to modify their protocols for treating pediatric patients. The study, “Multicenter Evaluation of Prehospital Opioid Pain Management in Injured Children,” evaluates Mecklenberg EMS Agency (Charlotte), Houston Fire Department and Milwaukee … Continue reading Did a protocol change improve pediatric pain management?

Paramedic Chief – Spring 2017

The future of EMS is in applying widely used consumer technology like touch screens, high-definition video, collision avoidance, live video capture and streaming and cloud-based, secure data storage to improve patient assessment, care and documentation. This issue of Paramedic Chief features articles on the challenges of and lessons learned from several important innovations. Inside the issue, you can read about: Designing and delivering virtual instructor-led training … Continue reading Paramedic Chief – Spring 2017

What a nurse learned from researching a community paramedicine program

Cathy Hostettler, DNP isn’t in EMS, but her indirect exposure to the industry over the years meant that teaming up with MedStar’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare program was an easy choice. The decision to do her Doctor of Nursing Practice dissertation research on MedStar’s Heart Failure Readmission Avoidance Program reflects the growing trend of collaboration across disciplines within the prehospital setting. Hostettler ‘s retrospective research aimed to evaluate … Continue reading What a nurse learned from researching a community paramedicine program

Medical care at electronic dance music festivals

Medical care is a critical component to the success of any mass gathering. While there is some research on more popular mass gatherings such as sporting events, rock concerts and even Papal visits; the unique characteristics of electronic dance music festivals has resulted in a reevaluation of the medical care required for this type of event. Electronic dance music is a growing industry in which … Continue reading Medical care at electronic dance music festivals

Not that kind of Doctor

On April 7, 2017 I defended my dissertation “An Evaluation of the Environmental and Organizational Factors Associated with the Formation of Community Paramedicine Programs.” Below I have included two videos. The first describes the process of defending and some of the basic ideas in my dissertation.  The second is my actual defense.  I do this because my actual defense skims over some of the content … Continue reading Not that kind of Doctor

Stop the Bleed kits donated to MCCNO

This press release was also published by EMS World, and something similar was posted on the MCCNO website. ~~~~~ Inspired by a recent trip to New Orleans for EMS World Expo, Rescue Essentials has donated 10 small Bleeding Control Kits to the New Orleans EMS Foundation for distribution across the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (MCCNO).  The donation is valued at over $1200. MCCNO … Continue reading Stop the Bleed kits donated to MCCNO

Gathering of Eagles 2017

As expected, I had a lovely time at this year’s conference.  Last year’s summary is here. Given the structure of Eagles my traditional summary format isn’t an effective method to convey what was presented.  But there are a few ways you can follow along… Read through the 2017 presentation slides. (to be posted) Read through the #GatheringEagles17 transcript on Twitter, on Symplur, or via the … Continue reading Gathering of Eagles 2017

What color uniform should paramedics wear?

I covered this article on the Inside EMS podcast. ~~~~~ New Orleans EMS personnel wear navy blue shirts and pants with white lettering. Acadian Ambulance services a number of neighboring parishes; they wear light green tops and dark green pants. One thousand miles north of New Orleans and up-river, Hennepin EMS (Minn.) paramedics wear light brown shirts and dark brown pants. Bell Ambulance paramedics in … Continue reading What color uniform should paramedics wear?

Paramedic Groups Develop CP Curriculum, Career Path

The Paramedic Foundation and Paramedic Health Solutions have teamed up to create a national curriculum with uniform educational standards for community paramedicine. This curriculum works to address the gaps in traditional prehospital provider training surrounding public health, long-term disease management, cultural competency and research. The curriculum covers the higher-education spectrum from a certificate to a doctoral program. It has six levels, including primary care technician … Continue reading Paramedic Groups Develop CP Curriculum, Career Path